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How To Get There

Travel instructions

Lefkada is the island with the most easy road access in Greece because it is connected with the main land by an 80 meters bridge.

You may come to Lefkada by car, bus (KTEL public transportations) or airplane.

By car 
- If you are coming from Igoumenitsa you will follow the road to Preveza. Near Preveza you will route to immersed tunnel of Aktio and then follow signs to Lefkada. The route is very nice and easy.
- If you are coming from Patras you will pass Rio bridge and follow the route to Agrinio and then to Amfilochia. At Amfilochia you will follow signs to Lefkada.

By Bus
KTEL has busses from Athens, Salonika, Patras, Ioannina, Agrinio and Igoumenitsa. Please check time tables at the phone +30-2645022364.

By Plane
From Athens, Salonika, Corfu, Cefalonia, Zante and Crete (Sitia) to Aktio (Preveza) airport. From there you will take a bus or taxi to Lefkada city (18 Km). Also charters throughout Europe landing at Aktio airport.

Travel instructions from Lefkada city to Meganissi island
From Lefkada city you take the route to Nidri (14Km) and from there you will take Fery-boat or sea-taxi to Meganissi Island (4NM).